50 Anni di Attività

12 Aug 2016


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Lettera Eterna

We report this letter, March 1 1963, it is the Raimondo’s birthday (boy with black tie), the founder, 22 yeras old, he receives this letter by the Eterna factory’s manager.

His eldest son, Nicola, was one month old … and an year later will be transferred in Locarno, where he will work another 2 years at a watch / jewelery shop. Born the second baby, Miska.

From here begins our history. Early 60′s, the emigration of many Italians will bring luck to any of them. Years later, late 1966, come back to Italy, Raimondo opened a small watch laboratory and later it turns into a shop… all supported by the tireless wife Clara. The arrival, in 1975, of the third Benedetta brings vitality in the family and the rest is the history of many Italian entrepreneurs of the time, until today.